How is the Master Course of International Health structured?

The Masters Programme in International Health follows a flexible modular framework for full-time (Residential Track) or part-time study (European Track) across member institutions. There are three components to the programme:

  1. A taught core course, which is equivalent to three months full-time study, introduces participants to the principles of International Health.
  2. Taught optional advanced modules selected according to the needs and experience of participants, equivalent to three to six months full-time and designed for maximum flexibility with a vocational emphasis suitable for a range of careers in International Health.
  3. A research project, submitted as a dissertation, is equivalent to a minimum of three months full- time work.Ā 

Guidance in the choice of modules and institutions and the research project is provided by our staff.

The three components are to be completed in a minimum of one year (full-time) to a maximum of five years (part-time). Successful completion of these components leads to a Masters degree awarded by the institution where the participant initially registers.